Mission Statement
The Mission of the Tule River Fire Department’s Training Division is to provide effective training for all personnel within the district based on our department standards and emergency responses of all types.

Organizational Structure
There is currently one Company Officer and respective shift assigned to the department’s Training Division, one Fire Captain,  one Apparatus Engineer with two shift Firefighters assisting. The department is currently planning to have a stage seven training facility built as a mid to long range goal. The facility will consist of a multi-story tower, live burn room, rappelling stations, as well as multiple other training props and possibilities. This expansion of training opportunities and construction of the facility is to accommodate the Fire Department’s growth, knowledge, and training needs. The most important outcome of this project will allow our department to be better prepared for all types of emergencies through constant training and diverse location. The community in which we serve and protect will benefit most from this facility allowing its local Fire Department to be fully trained through the use of hands on props, allowing all personnel to serve at a seconds notice when the tones go off. Through live fire scenarios and training the department will have a healthy amount of exposure towards the most dangerous parts of their jobs.Fire Pics7-002

The training provided to our department is extremely diverse by the types of calls our personnel respond to each and every year, with our profession continually over-flowing with a wealth of knowledge that needs to stay current. At one moment our Firefighters are battling a structure or wildfire and then the next they are toned out to assist a community member with medical complications or public service assistance. From the moment our personnel start their career with us until the day they are well experienced and progressing through the ranks they are surrounded and overwhelmed with training opportunities and the need to become more proficient. The goal of our department’s Training Division is to ensure each employee has the tools and knowledge that is necessary to safely mitigate all tasks and assignments,  whether it is emergency or non-emergency. This needs to happen prior to experiencing the challenges of today’s advanced Fire Service and troubles we are expected to face when we least expect it. Our department’s topics consist of:
• Pre-Employment Qualifications
• Physical Fitness
• Probationary Training Period for New Hires
• Basic Life Support Medical Training
• CPR, First Aid, AED
• CPR Instructors
• Incident Command
• IQCS Red Card
• Structural Firefighting
• Vehicle Firefighting
• Wildland Firefighting
• Fire Investigation and Prevention
• High and Low Angle Rescue
• Confined Space Rescue
• Vehicle Collisions, Extrication and Rescue
• Hazardous Materials
• Building Collapse
• Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Pre-Planning
• Report Writing and Documentation
• Public Service Assistance
• Swift Water Rescue
• Area Familiarization
• Firefighter Operator Task Book
• Cooperatives per Mutual and Automatic Aid
• Employee Development and Department Promotional Training

Fire Pics7-001

The department currently funds four classes annually. These classes consist of two California State Fire Marshal courses as well as two NWCG Wildland oriented subjects that provide a well rounded opportunity for gaining knowledge towards a respective title and rank. The Tribal Education Center also offers three classes that pertain to job specific duties each semester. An Individual Development Plan is created for each employee providing an organized outlook and time frame to meet each goal. The department strives to have in house training specific to the Tule River Fire Department but at times finds it more effective to have its employees seek training courses outside due to department budget and cost effectiveness. The department’s Training Facility will provide the opportunity to work closely with surrounding jurisdictions such as the Tulare County Fire Department, Cal-Fire, Porterville City, and USFS. Consolidation of offered training classes with our neighboring department’s will assist with local operations per our local mutual and automatic aid efforts on emergency incidents. Some training that would benefit the department is too complex and detailed, so at times department employees attend trainings/seminars locally and throughout the State of California.
The benefits of having a Training Division are that the department can mold and implement the necessary standards needed to form a well rounded Department with professional staff. The department at this time consist of one station inter-mixed with two branches; the Community Structure and Wildland Branches. Through the Training Division and each respective shift supervisor cross training is implemented providing a better qualified department within. The Fire Chief attends local training officer meetings also assisting the Department with updated trainings and expectations. The goal is to constantly improve and reevaluate the level of training our department has insuring the effectiveness but most importantly the overall safety of our department operations through risk management.

Robert Gonzalez

Fire Captain

Training Division

Proudly Serving the Tule River Tribe